emma / nineteen / australia
michael clifford, essendon football club and steve rogers are all i care about
"Don’t have a type. Don’t tell yourself you can’t let someone in you’re life because they don’t fit the checklist in your head, it’s just a waste of time. When you meet the right person who treats you like you deserve you will know. And it won’t matter if they drive a jeep or wear expensive clothes or listen to folk music or fly you to Rome because if you really love a person you wouldn’t change a thing about them, even their flaws and demons, and that’s when you know.”
— Advice from my 85 year old grandmother (via nockturn)
intj / cis pronouns
i really like sirius black and draco malfoy and i will defend slytherin to the death


reading: young avengers (2013), how to keep a boy from kissing you by tara eglington, mockingjay by suzanne collins

watching: the office s6, suits s4, how to get away with murder s1, the flash s1

listening: duality / set it off, 🎵